Two amazing VALUES for advertising budgets! Minimum of 100 million anticipated TV viewers!

Two fighters grappling in a mixed martial arts...
Two fighters grappling in a mixed martial arts event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have an advertising budget between $5,000 and $50,000…DO NOT MISS THIS!

This is not a charitable endeavor…this is the real deal that would cost you MEGA BUCKS through a media buying agency.

I’ve got two (2) TV PRODUCTION advertising opportunities with anticipated minimum viewership of of 100 million people and the chance to be a part of history!

One is in the MMA market which is a perfect cross over for the firearms and accessories industry.

The other is for a historical documentary that will be highly anticipated, as there is already an unfinished documentary of the same subject being replayed often.  A competing network with the same type of show has over 15 million viewers per week, on the subject matter!

Give me a call if you understand VALUE for your advertising budget!

NDA’s are needed for more information.  Call Jill at 239-273-4783


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