Kevin Novak, Jim Erwin, Valene Valhalla

Colorado Freedom Shoot 2014 was the largest firearms event in the state!


Wrap up on event held June 28th & 29th, 2014 at the Pawnee Sportsman’s Center in Brigsdale, Co. hosted by Victory Defense

(Brigsdale, Co.) – 2nd Annual Colorado Freedom Shoot was a huge success with over $12,000 in cash and prizes to competitors!

Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center had their largest event ever and is already planning for the 3rd Annual Colorado Freedom Shoot. There were 130 Shooters participating in the competitions on Saturday and Sunday, and approximately 500 people in attendance.

Over $12,000 in prizes were given away, including a Springfield XD, a Rifle by Bravo4 Tactical Armory from CA. and Rifle by VDCA Armory LLC in CO.

Hundreds of photos were taken on the Red Carpet and we posted about 350+ to the Facebook album, vendors have many up as well. Everyone, vendors, sponsors, shooters and families reported having a tremendous time and agreed it was well worth the haul and partnership of being involved.

Multiple thousands of full auto rounds went down range thanks to Machine Gun Tours. Colorado 2A had a booth and the Colorado Moms Against Gun Control representatives competed in several events.

Notable politicians like Julie Marie Shepherd, running for the District 40 seat against a rubber stamping incumbent for gun control attended. She gave the welcome speech from the back of a Deuce and a half, loaded with ammo. (See photos)

John Cooke, the current Weld County Sheriff who is also running for State Office, attended on Sunday and had his photo snapped with supporters on the Red Carpet. (See photos)

The beautiful Canadian Tac Girl, Valene Valhalla, competed in her very first competitions and had a blast! She enjoyed signing gear and calendars for the admiring attendees.

Jim Erwin, Former Delta Forces & Army Sniper, attended again for the 2nd year. One of his fun photos on the Red Carpet has already been seen over 10,500 times! Veterans and active duty service members from 10th & 19th SFG attended as well.

CorBon Ammunition gave a Ballistic Gel Demo that amazed many and provided some eye popping results from the crowd when they were offered to shoot the gel with their own Personal Defense ammo and it FAILED the test!

The night vision shoot & demo AND the Biden Challenge once again was one of the most talked about contributions of the whole event.

Hundreds left Pawnee Sportsman Center that weekend with smiles that likely lasted the whole week! With that fact and more educated on 2nd Amendment issues, the 3rd Annual Freedom Shoot is bound to be fantastic!

Special thanks to event organizer, JJ Sutton, C.P.S., C.M.A.S.

President, Victory Defense Consulting. Contact him for Security Services, Guns, Gear, Ammo, Training, & Consulting at:

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