Exec. Asst. Beth Banister

          Beth Banister Bio:Beth pic.

Raised in the wild west of Arizona, Elizabeth Banister is a gun rights activist, event and Jill’s new right hand woman!   She has been a very active patriot with organizations such as 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control and AZ Citizens Defense League. Elizabeth, or Beth as everyone knows her, is a state coordinator for the AZ chapter of 1MMAGC, and is involved in management for the organization as the assistant to the zone director. Elizabeth has been studying business and government for the past three years to gain as much knowledge as possible to help her in her efforts to restore our Second Amendment rights. Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her children and soon to be husband. When she isn’t spending time taking care of her family, Elizabeth dedicates nearly all of her free time to volunteering at various events geared towards securing our rights as American citizens. Her passion for the Constitution has become an inspiration to all that know her. She can often be found attending gun shows,  rally’s and networking with various gun right groups. She stays up to date with legislation to assist her organizations. The granddaughter of a World War Two veteran, she grew up with love and respect for firearms and our country. Like the Moms she works for, she strives to teach her children those same values.

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