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    Jill Trammell is a business development, marketing & event consultant, publicist, agent and social media maven,  who has worked with a myriad of talented patriots.   Ms. Trammell has both an MBA in Organizational Leadership and a Psychology degree and obtained her Masters working as a Psychological Consultant for Management, as well as, psych services for veterans. She also has much experience in government compliance, policy and procedure. Her dedication to warriors earned her a place among “quiet professionals” which led her into crisis management and PR for the firearms industry. She has developed a network of ‘friends and patriots’ who rely on her networking and unique talent for uniting people with common goals for campaigns.    She has a natural ability to “connect the dots” and utilizes multiple channels for creative and affordable, publicity, advertising, cause marketing and promotions. She has worked with decorated warriors, professional shooters, public figures and many others, who are part of her “Friends and Patriots” network.

Ms. Trammell has crafted many creative business and marketing strategies with corporate responsibility as a priority. Embracing patriotism and volunteerism, she has provided countless hours of free consulting to hundreds of non-profits and corporations to provide win/win relationships in; firearms industry, veteran recruitment, finance, marketing, entertainment, casting and production content.  Having grown up near Camp Pendleton, Ca. with much USMC influence, she continues to maximize opportunities to improve the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families.  She strives to help individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses, both large and small, to save time and money expanding their goals with winning partnerships.

~”Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”~

Skills & Experience           “Friends & Patriots” Network

Organizational Leadership                                      Mainstream Gun Lovers

Business Development                                            Military & Veteran families

Project Mgmt.                                                              Industry Manufacturers & Sponsors

Corporate Partnerships                                            Radio Shows & Hosts

Public Relations & Crisis Mgmt.                              Veteran & Military Charities

Blogging & Social Media                                           2nd Amendment Groups & PAC’s

Media Buying                                                              Special Op Warriors & MOH

Website Development                                               Politicians & Candidates

Online Branding                                                           Veterans & Patriots in TV & Film

Media Relations                                                         “Preppers” & Militia Groups

Production Content                                                    Industry Writers & Bloggers

Talent Management                                                   Professional Shooters & Sponsors

Special Event Planning                                               Firearms Industry Leaders

Tactical Interactive Events                                         Corporate Leaders

Adventure Trips                                                           Military Leadership

Warrior Retreats & Recreation                                 Ranges & Air Soft Companies

Firearms Talent Sponsorship                                     Tactical Trainers & Ranges

Promotions for Niche Markets                                  MMA Legends & Training Groups


“Having Jill as a teammate over the last several months has done 2 things for me: 1. Given me some amazingly detailed perspective moving forward in our industry. 2. Given this “know nothing” in the world of PR and Marketing, a real education in the ways and practices on the two subjects. Jill is an invaluable asset to us.  She is solutions and results driven, which is an amazing natural talent of hers.  Additionally, she is a champion among veteran organizations and wounded war fighters.  We are proud to support her in her work to bring veterans issues to the forefront of public knowledge.”

~William Romes, Marketing Dir. Raine Inc. (former CEO Tactical Revolution)  (May 4, 2012)

“Jill is an absolute genius with social media, and her efforts to get the word out about Veterans and their struggle for care has been awe inspiring. Her work with the Veteran Caregivers network, and the time and effort she commits in supporting the caregivers of veterans, is an example to us all. She stands up for what is right, and fights for all those who do not have a voice. She is a wonderful and compassionate advocate for Veterans and their families, and has the tenacity of a bulldog until issues are resolved. I am blessed to have her as a friend and colleague.”

~Vivienne Edwards, Founder of Angels on Wheels (January 10, 2011)

“Jill is an exceptionally gifted woman who combines intellect with wisdom to provide creative solutions and a can-do attitude to any situation. In working with Jill, I am always impressed with her thorough research, creative suggestions, and integrated thinking. Given a tough challenge, Jill will rise to the occasion and supply what is needed before being asked. This is rare indeed. This economy is difficult and timing and experience matter more than ever. Jill has your back, is looking forward, and she cares about the issues surrounding service families and veterans. You can never pay someone to care, and in Jill, you have the genuine article: articulate, bright, flexible, and warm. I highly recommend Jill for whatever position she aspires to and am glad of the opportunity to work with her.”

~Linda Kreter Owner of WiseHealth, Inc. and Veteran (October 8, 2010)

“Partnering with Jill is a pleasure. She is the professional you are looking for in the areas of public relations and social media. She is a master at working with others in partnerships and/or collaborations to forward their causes or fundraising efforts. Whether she is working on Party efforts or non-profit projects, Jill achieves success! I admire Jill’s strong commitment to our military and their families. I highly recommend Jill for any endeavor. She will surpass your expectations!”

~Diane Leone  PR Strategist/Senatorial Campaign Director, ( May 16, 2011)

“Jill is a go getter… well, that is actually an understatement.  She is skilled at bringing people and ideas together to get results. She has a lot of energy and vision and her PR background and executive experience works well in networking people.”

~Mike Hughes Next Level Training CEO and “TopShot Season 3” Finalist.   (November 7, 2011)

“Jill, You did an awesome job at the Shot Show !!! The fundraiser and party was a huge success . Congratulations!”

~Eduardo A DeFontcuberta
1000 yard .50 BMG World Champion FCSA HCS

“The Grand Opening for the Point Blank Range was a huge success. Finding Jill was the icing on the cake when she introduced us to Tim Abell of “Grateful Nation” on the Outdoor Channel and Mike Hughes from History Channel’s Top Shot. The guys were awesome to work with and Jill delivered everything she promised.”

~ Cindy Sisson, Sports Industry Consultant and Board of Directors for Presidential Foundation on Health, Sports and Fitness,  (November 3, 2011)

“With little guidance and minimal resources, Jill conceptualized, planned and supported the execution of the WWIA’s first annual “Hotlanta” hero event. Our Purple Heart Wounded Warriors had the time of their lives racing Le Mans cars, shooting tactical weapons, jet skiing and sharing fellowship as only combat wounded can do. Great job Jill!

~ John J McDaniel Founder, WWIA (July 21, 2011)

NOTE:  (This was the trip where Dakota Meyer learned he would receive the Medal of Honor and which resulted in solidifying a six figure grant for the client, WWIAF.)

Consulting Examples of PR Events and Productions 

 “6th Annual Warrior Appreciation Night” (2013) during the week of NSSF SHOT Show in Vegas. Planned and executed two VIP parties and a major event, provided non-profits with firearms and mainstream auction items. Collaborated with USPSA for a live and silent auction before and during the event, booked all celebrity appearances, provided event major sponsor procurement from the firearms and veteran non-profit industry. Notably, gained national American Legion as presenting sponsor for the first time in the firearms industry and set them up with the NRA for collaboration.  Gained over 20 industry and shooting sports sponsors. Managed and hosted a crowd of over 700 in attendance, directed staff, security and production of event, with minimum assistance.

“Warrior Road Trip Network-Base Camp 40” (2012)  Conceptualized and provided talent for filming of an Elk Hunt in the Colorado mountains with combat wounded warriors Including; “American Sniper”, Chief Chris Kyle and 2010 World Champion 3 Gun competitor (formerly FNH) Tasha Erickson, among others.

“Sea of Inspiration with America’s Wounded Warriors” (2012) Conceptualized, planned and directed a production for in collaboration with the Navy League of Hawaii, to film inside the 2012 Annual Medal of Honor Society Convention.  Participated in the surfing segment with a Medal of Honor recipient who went surfing again for the first time in two decades, to highlight the positive power of the ocean for our combat warriors and their families.

WWIAF’s “Hotlanta” (2011)   Conceptualized, planned and directed the event with minimum resources. Procured a volunteer film crew for an provide an intimate look at 4 combat wounded warriors connecting with each other through their love of recreation. Facilitated a shooting sports and Road Atlanta day while house boating on Lake Lanier, Ga.  Footage achieved per request of Cpl. Dakota Meyer, as we learned he would receive the Medal of Honor during our trip! Personal PR with the MOPH’s Chair resulted in 6 figure grant from Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation

(2010-present) Casting or content for productions, such as; VA’s “Make the Connection” campaign, TopShot, Elephant Warriors, Son’s of Guns and several others featuring veterans in TV & Film. Referred stories, talent or advertising to; Life of Duty, NRA News, 3 Gun Nation, Tac-TV, HotShots, Shooting USA, and created original productions/show deck development for corporations, such as; “Playboy/Maxim/ Hooters/Shooters”  (copyright WGAE #1241400)


~ Opportunities multiply as they are seized! ~

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for all you are doing for service members and veterans. I sincerely appreciate your mission. I too am on a mission. I continue to serve my fellow veterans by helping them obtain the benefits they’ve earned. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    David Peters

  2. Jill,
    You did an awesome job at the 2012 Shot Show !!! The fundraiser and party was a huge success . Congratulations.
    Give me a call
    Eduardo A DeFontcuberta
    1000 yard .50 BMG World Champion FCSA HCS

    1. Eduardo,

      The pleasure was all mine to meet you! I am so impressed with your dedication to the sport and to tactical training, as well as your charitable help for the troops and veterans! I heard about the meeting with my USVC today! You guys rock! I’m going to post the pics of the H3 soon and write up the story about it all. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support! No coincidences in this life!

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