Patriot Promotions

 Does Your Company, Non-Profit or Association need another stream of income? 

Credit and Debit cards have replaced cash and checks now for decades.  Why not use those in your network to give back to your organization, every transaction that they make.  With increased volume, you will have increased funding.  Allow us to help you set up your ongoing stream of income, while providing merchants in your organization with tip of the spear credit processing services.  Not only will you have more money, you will have provided a valuable service to those who support your cause.  Our finance companies are firearm friendly and can replace PistolPay, PayPal and other services claiming to do the same.  Additionally we can set up your company with its own Credit Card to be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.  Give it a shot and give back…we’re zeroed in on helping you win!

Do you need more marketing reach?

Consider Co-branding.  Currently looking for  “limited edition” RJF, IAC Gear or Gun Owners of America products to share on their storefronts and with dealers, distributors and retailers.

 Contact Jill for more details!

Support the Authors we call Friends and Patriots at the Patriot Promotions Amazon Storefront:


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Connecting talented patriots with corporations for winning campaigns.