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There are too many open seats in leadership positions that need to be filled by Republicans in San Diego County.  Please contact me below for the list.  


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2A supporters dumping Microsoft 365, One Drive, Outlook, and more!

Thank you to writer, Steve Johnson for evaluating all policies and giving us a heads up on the Microsoft products which I will be cancelling as of this moment!

Since 2009 Microsoft’s Code of Conduct has been applied to more and more of their online service. If a service is covered by this Code of Conduct, users of it are prohibited from using it in  “any way that promotes or facilitates the sale of ammunition and firearms” (See bullet point #13).

Almost all of Microsoft’s online services are by now covered under this “Code of Conduct”. These services include Windows Live, Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint,,, Windows OneDrive, Exchange Online, MSN and a number of other services.

The only major Microsoft services this does not apply to is, at the time of this blog post, Skype, Microsoft Azure and XBox Live. I expect Skype will eventually fall under the Code of Conduct.

Windows OneDrive, formally known as Microsoft SkyDrive, is built into Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 for Phones and Windows 8 for Tablets. If you work in the gun industry you should avoid these products. You could wake up one morning to find your account terminated and all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. deleted.

Windows Live powers a number of Microsoft services including Microsoft’s cloud email and cloud Office suite. Windows Live, and Exchange Online power many large institutions including colleges and high schools. Don’t use any Microsoft-hosted email systems to buy or sell guns, unless you are willing to risk getting kicked out of college (especially if you have signed documents agreeing to abide by Microsofts Terms of Use)

If you use Microsoft Office in your gun business, make sure you do not use the Office 365 service to share business-related files.

Here at TFB the only Microsoft service we use is Skype. If Microsoft bans gun-related business over Skype, we will most likely switch to Google Hangouts.

It is sad to think that the Gun Club @ Microsoft was once a relatively large club. Point and Click no more

– See more at:

Obama’s “Forward” campaign – A Socialist training commercial by MSNBC

MSNBC Host describing “Collective” property – our children! The Obama Administration is doing everything it can to insert its valueless ideology into every family. You must watch this video and share with the preface to listen and open your minds to what they are really saying here! It’s worse than “it takes a village to raise a child” She is basically saying the “children belong to us and we (the government) decide how to raise then and what “thing”(unborn) we spend the tax money on!

If you do NOT hear the echo of the Soviet Education conference of 1919, the Hitler Youth movement of the 1930’s and 1040’s, and the Communist Chinese and North Korean Marxist/totalitarian regimes claiming complete ownership of your children, you may want to consider, that their ideology has gotten to you too!
We are ALL  influenced through subtle and not so subtle media.  However, this “FORWARD”  campaign is insanity and is obviously intended to spew the ideology of the progressives,  to literally wipe away the morals and values of everyone in this country!   We must ALL question authority and every media outlet that does not, is part of the problem!

Look at what your kids are bringing home from school. What are they studying?  More importantly, WHO are they studying? Even worse…WHO ARE THEY NOT STUDYING!     When you begin to question authority and look to see how they are influencing our children…you can clearly see the insertion of a progressive indoctrination program in the ciriculum.   Most messages are carefully disguised to our children as neccessary  “tolerance”  to those different from us and in the process are confusing children as to what and who they really are!   They have taught a new belief system, one that contains no opinions and no consequences.  This is how they describe “normal” now.

We ALL must question this Administration on every front.  Write and use the internet to get the ground level truth about what they are doing to  free thinking people who value  a nation of morality and civility.    Call out  the leftist media on their propaganda campaigns to win over at least one heart or mind.  Their machine will not stop until they fulfill the “progressive” agenda.    By their own teachers and ideology, this is nothing less than Socialism which then becomes Communism.

Gun Culture: Detroit vs.San Antonio

A melting pot, we are not.  Just sayin….

If we were a true melting pot, there would not be such diversity of cultures.  Its generational how people feel about guns.  It’s based on their own personal experiences, the media that feeds them facts (or not) and the political climate we have to deal with today.  So, in Detroit they are melting guns in desperation, while in San Antonio they are happy to have had a bystander stop a violent stabbing with his concealed carry.   Two completely different cultures and reactions to carrying a firearm and our 2nd Amendment rights.

Places in our country have  become SO lack of diversity, they are imploding.  Parents are giving up their own safety to be actively doing something against the  fear that their children will only “kill each other” with them.

By melting them, they are making a clear statement of disregard for selling in other parts of the country who do not have the problems they do in Detroit.  However, if more good people in Detroit were not so afraid of guns…they would not be where they are today.  Many a thug up and down the alley would have been blown away, not to reproduce the next generation of thugs.

Reporters have got to have seen it all by now…..

“The Rev. Theodore Parker, pastor of St. Cecilia, said the police-supported buyback is a benefit to the community. The guns they collect are melted down.

He said the program is a “great opportunity for people to unburden themselves” and rid the fear that “something really bad” could happen.

“We’re trying to get guns off the street so the kids won’t use them to kill each other,” said Alexander Thomas, a member of the church on Livernois near Grand River.”

From The Detroit News:

And in the news from San Antonio, where some of the most patriotic people in our country reside.   Don’t mess with Texas folks!  They’ve got a culture where carrying guns is just part of everyday life….for generations!  Perfect example of what culture differences we have from one are to the next in the US. Makes World’s First 3D Paper Gun! WOW!

Looking forward to the  anti-gun nuts losing  it over this new development!

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“Photos of the world’s first 3D printed gun were discovered on the, a forum for firearms enthusiasts and supporters of gun rights. The creator, who goes by the username HaveBlue, assembled the weapon by combining the body of a normal .22 caliber pistol with that of a printed plastic version of the lower receiver used in AR-15 assault rifles (similar to the military’s M16). HaveBlue then tested out the creation by successfully firing 200 rounds without any signs of malfunction or complications, according to a post on the web site.

HaveBlue documents his gunsmithing process in such a detailed way, it might be a bit unnerving for some folks. With little more than a Stratasys 3D printer, a $30 batch of plastic resin and printing specifications available on the internet, the user was able to produce several of the necessary working parts. A step-by-step blueprint for making your own AR-15 lower receiver can also be found on Thingiverse.

While only one part of the gun was actually ”printed,” the lower receiver is the critical piece that enables the weapon to fire. It includes the bolt, trigger and the magazine, where ammunition is stored. Thats why under the American Gun Control Act, it’s this lower part that constitutes an operational gun and thus is heavily regulated.” (SmartPlanet, 2012)

The issue which arises now is that if anyone with a 3D printer can manufacture this part themselves or, as my previous report found, can purchase firearms freely using underground websites, what good would any form of “gun control” be?

UFC VIP EVENT: Making a Wounded Warfighter’s Dream Come True!

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THIS IS JEFF.  His story was brought to my attention from Wounded and when I learned he was using MMA as his coping mechanism for dealing with his PTS….it was time to make a few calls!  The result was totally unexpected and obviously meant to be!    

 Hooters hooked us up with all VIP passes for the Jones vs. Evan’s fight in Atlanta.   I quickly found sponsors for expenses.  Much appreciation for the airfare provided by Soldier Water of Tampa and Wounded for hotel.  

Jeff had the time of his life meeting his UFC heroes, but when they learned about him…the respect was more than mutual.   

This is the article written by my friend Howard Altman, Sr. Military writer for the Tampa Tribune.  Thanks Howard for documenting his story!  

Army hero turns to ring to battle PTSD

By HOWARD ALTMAN | The Tampa Tribune
Published: May 19, 2012
Updated: May 19, 2012 – 5:20 PM
HUDSON –HUDSON In a 22-foot-diameter octagonal cage where kicks and punches are exchanged, Jeff Collins finds an escape from his pain.Stalking his opponent, eyes fixed with concentration, Collins doesn’t think about the soldiers who died beside him in an Iraqi firefight. He doesn’t dwell on what might have been if post-traumatic stress disorder hadn’t forced him from the Army.Jabbing, ducking, swinging his feet in a roundhouse kick, his thoughts don’t swing to the day his father killed himself in his house.Here at Extreme MMA, a mixed martial arts academy run by an affable redhead from Massachusetts named Paul Mello, Collins allows his brain to think only about his training for an upcoming match in Orlando.Mello built the gym in the middle of his father’s junkyard, Hudson Salvage.It’s where Collins, 33, found salvation.”Mixed martial arts has saved me,” he said.* * * * *Jeff Collins, construction worker, became U.S. Army Sgt. Jeff Collins in July 2007 after returning from a tour in Afghanistan with the Florida National Guard. Collins enlisted after his job with a concrete pumping company ended.Just as he received news that his first wife was filing for divorce, he was selected to be the “tip of the spear” on a mission to go after an al-Qaida leader. The man had massacred the family of a U.S.-friendly militia member in Diyala province, and Collins was tasked with kicking in the door on a payback raid.He picked three guys — Pfc. Zachary Nordmeyer, Cpl. Michael Mayne and Spc. Michael Alleman — to be on his team.

“I knew they were reliable,” said Collins, sitting on a chair in his Holiday home. “I knew they were the best of the best.”

In the early hours of Feb. 23, 2009, Collins and the rest of his platoon, a couple dozen men, boarded choppers heading for the target. The raiding party entered the compound, but there were no insurgents, just an old man and a few women, Collins said.

A Predator drone overhead captured a different scene. The drone operators saw men run into the courtyard but not out.

“We knew they were there,” Collins said. “We just didn’t know where. The old man said no one was here, but he was lying to us.”

Nordmeyer saw something that didn’t look right. He picked up an ax and began hitting the ground. An indentation opened up, then a small hole.

Collins, who had a powerful flashlight attached to his M-4 combat rifle, pointed the barrel into the hole, his interpreter next to him.

“I flipped on the light,” said Collins, “and then an instantaneous ba-pow.”

An insurgent in the hole had shot the interpreter in the head.

Two holes opened up on each end of the courtyard, Collins said. Insurgents with belt-fed machine guns popped out and began firing.

“We were stuck,” Collins said. “It was a meat grinder. They were shooting the place up.”

Lt. Hans Rohr, the platoon leader, was shot in both hands. Just before getting to a mud wall for cover, Nordmeyer was hit.

“I went to go get him,” said Collins, “but it was just bullets, a wall of bullets. I remember telling him, ‘Hold on a minute; I’m going to come get you.'”

But the enemy gunfire was too fierce.

“He got shot two or three more times,” said Collins, crying at the memory. “I just felt helpless. I was this big bad NCO that ruled with an iron fist, and everyone looked up to me. I was the go-to guy. I couldn’t help him.”

Enemy bullets began piercing the mud wall. Then the insurgents began lobbing grenades.

Mayne was killed. Minutes later, Alleman was dead, too.

Collins, alone now, kept firing. He remembers killing an insurgent who raced toward him but hesitated a second too long.

“I went through five 30-round magazines,” he said.

Eventually a quick-reaction force arrived and rescued Collins, but not before almost killing him. A truck crashed through a wall, the bumper hitting his head.

Collins ended up in a truck with the other rescued soldiers. The men cried and hugged.

One of those men was Rohr, now a captain stationed in Hawaii.

“I was very concerned for his mental health,” Rohr said. “He was very, very traumatized. “I told the medics, ‘Make sure someone keeps an eye on him. He is not OK.’ ”

* * * * *After the firefightthe Army career that Collins loved essentially was over.

“I didn’t finish my tour,” he said. “I started getting panic attacks, and they sent me to a combat stress unit.”

He spent time in psychiatric units in Germany and Bethesda, Md. Finally, an Army medical board decided he no longer could serve. Collins was devastated.

“I didn’t want to get out of the Army,” he said. “I would still be in right now if they would let me.”

About the same time, he was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions in the courtyard. At the ceremony, a general came up to Collins and said he saw the firefight on a video captured by the drone.

” ‘You are one hard son of a bitch to kill,’ ” Collins said the general told him.

* * * * *Before returning home to Holiday, Collins was kept for observation at an Army post-traumatic stress disorder center in Washington State.

“They wouldn’t let me go back home,” Collins said. “I was too unstable, having outbursts and anger. They were afraid I was going to go home and kill my ex.”

When he first got home, Collins went through a “partying stage” and then withdrew. But in December, he met a woman on an online dating site who would become his second wife.

Andrea Collins said she didn’t know anything about what happened in that courtyard in Diyala province until about a month after they started dating, when the new couple hosted a party for a cousin departing for Afghanistan.

“He drank too much, pulled a gun on himself and said he wanted to be with his boys,” Andrea Collins said. “I sent everyone home, and he laid on the floor and spilled his guts.”

Opening up did not change things for Collins.

“I felt ripped off because the Army took my job away,” he said. “I was bitter.”

One day in March 2010, Andrea Collins came home from work and found what looked like shredded paper all over the house.

“I had gotten drunk and shot the house up, all the pillows, shot holes in the wall,” Jeff Collins said. “I probably shot off 40 or 50 rounds.”

The next day, Andrea Collins took her then-boyfriend to the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, where he was put on more than a half-dozen medications.

But he still drank, often a case of beer a day. He ballooned to 250 pounds.

And he kept getting hit with bad news. His parents’ 32-year marriage dissolved and his dad fell into an alcohol-fueled depression. Collins’ downward spiral continued.

Then one day, the man who ran his PTSD group at the VA made a suggestion.

Try martial arts.

* * * * *Collins went online and found Extreme MMA in Hudson.

He approached Mello in July 2010, told him about his past, that he was there on doctor’s orders.

“I instantly clicked with the guys,” he said. “The camaraderie reminded me of the military.”

He stopped drinking, began training. Four months later, he entered his first tournament and won gold.

“That tournament changed my life,” he said. “I felt like I was a winner again. In the Army I was a winner. I was the best at what I did. When I got out, I had no purpose. I just wanted to die.”

After winning, Collins decided to live. He dropped 60 pounds. He entered four more tournaments, coming in first or second each time. He and Andrea married.

“I was transformed into the soldier I used to be,” he said.

The resurgence didn’t last . On Dec. 14, while sitting at home, Collins heard a loud “pop” coming from the room where his daughter, Savannah, stayed during visits.

His father had committed suicide.

“I pretty much lost it,” Collins said.

He started drinking again. Quit training. Ballooned back up to 230 pounds. Stopped answering his phone.

Then one day in April, his 7-year-old daughter asked him a question that might have saved his life.

Daddy, why don’t you fight anymore?

“She used to go to the tournaments and watched me win,” Collins said.

Collins went back to Extreme MMA and once again threw himself into training. In a few weeks, he competed in an April tournament in Orlando, taking second place.

The weight started to come off again. The drinking stopped.

Collins still has issues. Loud noises startle him. Something as innocuous as a garbage bag in the road will cause him to veer into oncoming traffic. But for the most part, his life is back on track.

Which is why he wants to tell his story.

“I want other veterans out there dealing with this to know that I have PTSD,” Collins said. “PTSD does not have me anymore.”

* * * * *With Mello yelling instructions, Collins practices his technique for the upcoming tournament in Orlando.

“He looks pretty good,” Mello said.

Collins is confident he will do well. To show why, he lifts up his sweat-drenched T-shirt to show off the tattoo underneath.

“Hard To Kill” is inked across his back, just below his shoulders.

It is, he says, his motto.

“I am a survivor,” he said. “The other guy doesn’t stand a chance.”

NEWS! Suicide Prevention Partners- Facebook, VA & Blue Star Families.

“Today, we (Blue Star Families), along with Facebook and the Department of Veterans Affairs, are proud to announce that the Facebook military crisis content is live. As a result, friends and families with concerns about veterans, active-duty service members, and military family members will receive specific information about crisis services for our nation’s military, including The Veterans Crisis Line. The Veterans Crisis line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders via phone, online chat, or text messaging.”

Facebook already provides suicide-prevention services, but the social network announced a special initiative targeting the U.S. military and its families, teaming up with Blue Star Families and the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer customized services to veterans, active-duty military-service members, and their families.

The Facebook engineering team developed a customized solution to help identify military families and personnel and offer them specific information if friends or family members report any of their content on the social network as harmful or suicidal, including information on The Veterans Crisis Line, which provides access to Department of Veterans Affairs responders via phone, online chat, or text messaging,

Blue Star Families said two key results from its third annual Military Lifestyle Survey fueled its partnership with Facebook:

  • 86 percent of military families on Facebook said they access the social network daily.
  • The percentage of military family members who have considered suicide (10 percent) is almost equal to the percentage of service members who have considered suicide (9 percent).

military-suicide-prevention_b88310The U.S. Military on Facebook page will host a live conversationThursday at 3 p.m. ET, featuring representatives from Blue Star Families, Facebook, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Advance questions and comments will be accepted on the event wall.

The panel will be moderated by Facebook Vice President of U.S. Public Policy Joel Kaplan, and guest panelists are scheduled to include:

  • Blue Star Families Director of Research and Policy Vivian Greentree, a co-founder of the organization, Navy veteran, and military spouse.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Psychologist Caitlin Thompson.
  • Denise Hamlin-Glover, senior manager of the Combat Stress Recovery Program at the Wounded Warrior Project.

Blue Star Families offered more details in a blog post:

Facebook has already provided suicide-prevention services, but it did not have automatic customized services for veterans, active-duty military spouses, and their families. For example, friends can report suicidal content, which triggers an email to the poster, providing him/her with a note that includes support information from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

While this is helpful for a military family, there are several specific resources provided to our nation’s military that we wanted to make sure they were aware of at their time of need. The Facebook engineering team worked on a customized solution that could help to identify military families and military personnel, ensuring that family members could send critical military-related counseling information to their soldiers.

Today, we, along with Facebook and the Department of Veterans Affairs, are proud to announce that the Facebook military crisis content is live. As a result, friends and families with concerns about veterans, active-duty service members, and military family members will receive specific information about crisis services for our nation’s military, including The Veterans Crisis Line. The Veterans Crisis line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders via phone, online chat, or text messaging.

This is just one way to help our nation’s military families in their time of need. However, we believe that the Facebook platform, which is used on a daily basis by so many of our families, will be a critical means of helping our military community live long, healthy, and successful lives after they have sacrificed so much for our safety and way of life.

Link to Press Release:

What happened to Junior Seau? – Thoughts from the “Albino Samoan Girl”.

My maiden name is Marquardt.

Its German descent but a familiar last name to Samoans, thanks to WWI Germans exploiting trade and making babies there in Samoa.  In the N.County area of San Diego, Ca. where I grew up,  there was a group of Marquardt’s who were on our rival football team.  I went to Vista High with our own Samoan hero,  legendary Colorado University quarterback, Sal Aunese (RIP).  Sal would joke with the his O’side brothers to be nice to me because I was one of them.  One day someone on the Oceanside team started the joke that I was their ‘albino Samoan girl’.  A mascot of sorts. I couldn’t argue with that.

Oceanside Pier, in Oceanside, California.
Oceanside Pier, in Oceanside, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Players who surfed, including Junior, would see me out in the water and were always super friendly.  The competition for waves was always fierce especially for me as a teenage girl, but they would shelter me from oncoming posers threatening to run over the little albino Samoan girl or snaking all my waves.   I was blessed to learn how to surf in their presence, riding waves in Oceanside Harbor the Pier or Buccaneer Beach breaks.   I always loved them and a handful of other good guys, who gave me that gift growing up.  They were some of the best times of my life.

People thought Junior Seau was so lucky.  But he really sacrificed his life to rise above the beach loving, party throwing, rowdy, church going crowd…just to be able to go back to them again as the same guy that left, or so many had thought.  On his journey, he made us cheer for the Chargers even when they sucked and took what still seemed to be our small town, into the Football Hall of Fame. For that we are all grateful as he came back and used his fame to help the at-risk youth and Marines of our community and created the Junior Seau Foundation.

In his retirement,  Junior could be found on any given morning in front of his beach house doing CrossFit exersizes with local Marines, surfers, housewives, the postal carrier, whomever wanted to get down and dirty on the sand and be motivated by and become motivation for, this NFL legend.  It was a gift he freely gave to his neighborhood just south of Oceanside Pier on the strand.  A perfect view and  some of the best surf in the area was his backyard and he loved it there playing his ukulele and his spirit channeling his Samoan island ancestors.  Over the years, the Pier became home to gang-bangers and there was even an occasional murder, but for the most part people like Junior are what kept it clean, safe and under watch.   It’s a safe bet that nothing would get by Junior, if he saw it happening.

Life seemed good for Junior Seau.  He had a beautiful girlfriend Mary, who lived with him, took care of his business, made sure he remembered appointments and was devoted to him, he had kids that he loved and was so proud of his daughters on ‘The Wave’ volleyball team.  He traveled to her events and was a saving grace for the volleyball Dads who were needing a major testosterone infusion on these girls trips, or a little ukulele entertainment.   I think is safe to say is that Junior was the kind of guy with such a huge heart, that to disappoint those he loved or who looked up to him, carried guilt that couldn’t be shaken.

But there was a growing element to his personality that wasn’t like him.  Eventually it became evident in behaviors he was exhibiting.  He and Mary had a fight and a domestic disturbance call was made which threw him into the Vista jail.  The next day he drove his car off the cliff in Carlsbad.  We all knew it was a  cry for help.  Apparently, Mitchell the former Chargers pastor was counseling him.  While  Christian counseling is all well and good,  I doubt very seriously that Mitchell knew what he was dealing with nor was he trained to see the signs of the psychological impact of TBI.   Junior took many hard hits over the years, and for the most part, you just don’t get into the Football Hall of Fame without them.  Fact is, brain injury leaves a lasting impression and needs very specific treatment and attention in counseling.

Junior Seau as a Charger
Junior Seau as a Charger (Photo credit: chrisphoto)

My father, was an All American Quarterback, he told me of this  years ago when we saw football stars falling down in the public eye.  Sometimes they turned to drugs and as we watched other local players (Carlsbad you know who I’m thinking of..) make it to the NFL, only to be struck down by these injuries and poor coping skills.   The alpha male types don’t often reach out for help until they hit rock bottom.  Usually jail time, or worse.  Junior had hit rock bottom on that car ride to the Vista jail.  That was NOT the Junior Seau in his mind…he was not a criminal…he didn’t hurt or scare people.

He may have been thinking things that I hear from veterans suffering from the same…What have I become?  She would be better off without my sorry self…all I am is a burden and it’s getting worse. I could carry on about all the reasons that I think Junior’s head injuries played the major role in his suicide.  But the thing that made it clear to me was the message we got.  It could have been his last thought when he pulled that trigger to the heart, just like his friend did who wanted to save his brain for research.  I don’t think it could be any more transparent to us all, unless there was a note.

For now,  I can claim to be at least a partial TBI subject matter expert.  Starting with the fact that at age 15 my best friend was in a coma for two weeks and I moved in and helped her to rehabilitate, she had to re-learn walking, talking, adding, subtracting, common sense, just about everything came back at an accelerated pace, except many things that Junior also had issue with…short term memory, social reasoning issues with impulse and anger control and I’m sure there were others that if he had been getting treatment, an expert would have been able to diagnose.  These are parts of the brain controlled in the  frontal or occipital lobes and are also the parts that would be bruised by being tossed around in your skull.

I eventually pursued a degree in psychology sparked by that experience and began mental health testing on combat veterans, as well as, several years working for State of Ga. in Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Intake and Evaluation writing reports on mental status, medical, social and environmental histories.

My jobs have made me privy to personal information by interview, observation and instinct.  People have different symptoms, but I could tell you from just talking to those who cared for him, Juniors head trauma presented as typical of a brain injury in the frontal and occipital lobes, a progressive deterioration with age (common) with impulsive, angry outbursts, very difficult to control and the resulting psychological impact is guilt and depression.   A ton of guilt because a guy like Junior thought he had to always be in control…but he was out of control with his emotions and was hurting the people he loved.

I could see how he may have rationalized what a lot of veterans that are suicidal believe, that he was …”More of a burden than a help…..  Would be better off dead with the insurance money then to have to deal with me…Its never going to get better, only worse.”  

This story is so familiar to us who work with suicidal veterans and who understand the TBI that our troops are coming home with.   So many not properly diagnosed and can be labeled as PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder NOS or have a concussion on record but tell others they are OK and don’t get the diagnosis.  Unfortunately, what finally brings the actual brain injury to our attention can be a mental illness a  progressive disease, like Parkinsons, just think about Muhammad Ali , another disability or suicide.   Today, veteran suicide is literally an epidemic that people don’t know how to prevent.   That is why its my top priority when helping assist wounded warriors with resources and dream trips that will pull them out of that deep figure 8 track of poor self-image and depression.

I will continue to try to bring the epidemic to people’s attention because this is why we are losing more of our young men to suicide than we did in war.  OVER 18 per day and that is just the recorded suicides, not the ones by Cop or extreme activities.  Their ages are 27 and under, on average.

If we can’t take care of our young men who have been ordered to do things that we cannot even fathom in our worst dreams, then why would anyone want to volunteer for the military?   For the most part, Americans are clueless to how these invisible wounds effect so many lives until something like this happens and I know that Junior, having given so much to the troops, would want us to use his story to help them and sports athletes suffering the same, in his death.

Is brain injury linked to the suicide of Junior Seau?  (ABC News article)

This albino samoan says YES….it could actually be the biggest issue.

Rest in peace Junior.  I picture you on the endless wave where we will all meet again one day….. and this time, I’ll be tan.



GASTON J. GLOCK style LP Partners with World Champion Dave Sevigny and Team Member Anna Brooke

Dave Sevigny and Anna Brooke

SMYRNA, GA – GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, the purveyors of fine quality hunting and shooting sports apparel and accessories, have signed world champion shooter Dave Sevigny and Sevigny Performance team member Anna Brooke. GASTON J. GLOCK style LP will be working closely with Dave and Brooke to improve and develop apparel and equipment specifically to fulfill the shooting requirements for firearms training and competitions.

“The Sevigny Performance team of Dave and Brooke best exemplify the GASTON J. GLOCK style LP philosophy of dedication, purpose and integrity,” Beate Arnold, CEO of GASTON J. GLOCK style LP commented. “We are very proud to support this winning team and look forward to creating a high quality line of shooting sports apparel and equipment unlike anything in the market today.”

Dave Sevigny has been competing and winning titles since 1999 and since then has claimed over 170 major tournaments. While competing in defensive pistol shooting sports, Dave won more National championships than any other competitor from 2000 to 2010. In 2011, Dave became an 11-time United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) National Champion and is the only person to win a USPSA National Championship in nine consecutive seasons spanning 2003 to 2011.  Dave won USPSA Nationals in four different divisions of competition ranging from stock pistols to high capacity iron sight divisions and the American favorite 1911 pistol.  In both the 2010 and 2011 season, Dave won the Iron and Open divisions at the Pro-Am Championship.  He also won the Iron Sight division along with Top 5 finishes in the Open division at the Steel Challenge National and World Championship in 2010 and 2011, proving his talent throughout multiple hotly contested shooting disciplines.

Anna Brooke’s journey as a competitive shooter began in April of 2011. While under the tutelage of Dave Sevigny, she has competed in Steel Challenge, USPSA, Pro-Am Championships in both iron sight and Open divisions.  During her first year, Brooke has already earned titles such as High Lady in Open Rimfire at the 2011 Steel Challenge West Coast Regional (her first regional championship),  2nd Place Lady in Open Rimfire Division at the 2011 Steel Challenge World Championship and Ladies Limited Champion at the 2012 Georgia State Steel Championship. She is a rising talent in shooting sports and an inspiration to beginning competitors of all ages and gender.

Dave’s new gig!

“Joys of an open gun!” Dave Sevigny on HotShots

I can’t hold my tongue any longer…

NBC Sports was my hero for putting on a real shooting show and sponsoring the cash prize table at 3 Gun Championship.  However,  HotShots made a huge mistake by not including more content with Dave Sevigny!   What kinda crazy rumor  Kool-Aid were they drinking?  Sheesh!  I often wonder what happened to plain common sense and critical thinking skills.  Oh wait..were talking Hollywood.  Still…they usually throw that aside.  Its amazing what a whiff of lawsuit in the morning will make corporations do!   Thankfully, loyal fans of Dave… still have common sense and critical thinking skills.  They can count…one plus one equals two…not three or four!  Not sure about HotShots however.  The time slot sucks and I’m not thrilled with the profiles. For now, Sunday mornings at 9am… I’d rather be in church!

This clip is indicative of why he is…and continues to be a champion.   Class cussing…drama or out of  control behavior.  Rather just the opposite.  He’s cool…calm and collected under pressure making thoughtful decisions and then carrying on business as usual!   He stays focused on the game and NEVER distracted to the point of ruining the entire run by something totally out of his control.  His recovery  is great!  His just picks up and keeps going…never taking his eyes off the target.  OMB is lucky to have such a superstar in their line-up!

Dave is awesomeness on any stage and sets the bar high for competitive shooting.  Unfortunately, the days of glory for Team Glock are over now that he and everyone else…has left.  Wonder what that is all about?

Half a trillion in military budget cuts today will eventually, affect us all.


Whats happening with the half a trillion budget cut to the military?  First of all, every one of our forces will be effected.  Its been stated that these cuts will significantly impact our government contractors and Sec. of Defense, Leon Panetta said they have to figure out which ones they can’t cut off completely.  We must continue to fund the most important companies in order to not lose our essential contractors, if and when they are needed to produce their products quickly.  However, immediate cuts will delay or stop much of the new stealth bombers and our replacements for the aging air fleet, already under contract.           Additionally, new weaponry projects are being put on hold in favor of high-tech warfare contractors, ie: unmanned drones and such.

The reasoning?  Counter insurgency campaigns are technically over, so we don’t need as many troops on the ground. 75,000 will remain active and more special operation forces will be trained and funded.  This is how our future military is described and its happening right now.
1/9 of the budget reductions are going to be felt in a reduction of military pay and we’re supposed to feel better about that because there will be an adjustment period for those currently enlisted before they see any changes… but don’t expect raises in pay. Healthcare changes are included as well, mostly for retiree’s and especially for the younger vets who are actually lucky enough to be employed.  This goes hand in hand with the huge push for corporations to employ veterans, especially those who are out for more than 6 mths.   I’m sure Mr. Panetta didn’t want to  start coup  by saying they were going to cut the retirement benefits of the currently enlisted…   So he stated they “don’t know what to do” about it just yet, as they didn’t want it to appear on the chopping block.  To avoid the obvious, they made a “commission” to discuss it further.


I’m afraid that BOTH are at a loss for words about this historical budge cut and any candidate will be inclined to make an empty promise, at this point.  The debt will continue to affect the budget, just as it does now and it’s not going to look much different unless our economy is stimulated by taking back the manufacturing industry from overseas, cutting taxes for small business, reforming the legal system rising the cost of healthcare, among other things.  The bottom line is that the money just isn’t there to support all the programs and services people have come to expect and rely on.  Entitlement has become a multi-generational way of life. We don’t take care of each other like we used to,  rather we rely on the government to do it for us.  The longer we are in debt to the world bank, and paying them to make all our products at the same time, the less likely we are to have everything we need and want for our country anyway, so this is the future…its here and now we have to find a way to deal with it.  Its going to affect us all, if it hasn’t already.

I try to look at the silver lining and the good part I see is that we will be a more technologically advanced military with awesome special ops forces who are proven to be more effective than ground troops in  a counterinsurgency strategy.  The sad fact is that tribal populations and other similar type civilizations, don’t understand much about negotiations.  They don’t get what they want and won’t trust an outsider.  Instead they play both sides and ultimately, no one wins. What they do understand and respond to is sad but true… death and destruction.  Also, if we can keep ourselves out of a conflict that would need a huge ground force presence,  we will have less of our children coming home with wounds that would have previously killed them, along with  mind-blowing angst from traumatic stress, causing unbelievable burdens on our heroes, the family and ultimately society.   However, if we must occupy another country for the good of saving our own, we have no choice but to have boots on the ground.  That is the piece that worries me the most about such a drastic downsize of our troops.  It means there may be a time when it has to be drastically increased and I don’t want to see another draft because the way we take care of the troops we do have, is not attractive to recruit and retain.

Bottom line is that I’m not happy about these cuts when there are other places that should be completely disassembled, before our military.  Lets start with downsizing the major agencies that weren’t in existence before 1970 and help the States take care of their own.

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New Hampshire could become only the fifth state in the country to let people carry concealed guns without a permit.

Despite the threat of Veto…NH sticks to its guns!   Here’s an link to that local article.

Food for thought…

The bad guys conceal and carry already.  They aren’t going to register or get permitted, so why should I?




In 1929, the Soviet Union establishe­d gun control.. From 1929 to
about 20 million dissidents­, unable to defend themselves­, were
rounded up and exterminat­ed.

In 1911, Turkey establishe­d gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5
Armenians, unable to defend themselves­, were rounded up and

Germany establishe­d gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945 a total
of13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
rounded up and exterminat­ed.

China establishe­d gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million
political dissidents­, unable to defend themselves­, were rounded up and

Guatemala establishe­d gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000
Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves­, were rounded up and

Uganda establishe­d gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
Christians­, unable to defend themselves­, were rounded up and

Cambodia establishe­d gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million
educated people, unable to defend themselves­, were rounded up and

Defenseles­s people rounded up and exterminat­ed in the 20th Century
because of gun control: 56 million.

You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear most politician­s
disseminat­ing this informatio­n.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes,
gun-contro­l laws adversely affect only the law-abidin­g citizens

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them
of this history lesson.

I forgive and forget because I have a good heart and a terrible memory!

I forgive and forget because I have a good heart and a terrible memory! 🙂

“The day that will live in infamy.”

I had two special guests to dinner at my house last night.  Both are Navy Vets, one a SEAL and the other a Medic who do special forces type training for civilians.  After grace, one of them asked the children if they learned what day it was in school today?  They didn’t know.  To be honest…I didn’t know or I would have said something during the prayer.  He gave them a clue, “the day that will live in infamy.”  I immediately realized what day it was and since I hadn’t watched the news, read the paper or even looked on the calender (if its even there anymore) I was confused until that reminder.

Sadly, my kids were not aware of what happened that day.  It made the three of us look at each other and just shake our heads in disbelief at how far gone the education system is from our important American history.  When will they truly teach what the future generations need to know in order not to repeat the past?  Do you know what day it was on 12/7?  Do your children?  What do you think they are missing in their history lessons and why?

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Newt Gingrich Town Hall Meeting – Naples, Fl. 11/25/11

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Last night’s meeting was only announced a few days before, but word spread quickly in my lovely and very Conservative town of Naples, where many “snowbirds’ were enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday.  Apparently, Mr. Gingrich was too!

His initial speech and the Q&A from the crowd, most of who were well educated, (but two who were so ignorant that it was scary)…. clarified EXACTLY what he would do when elected into our highest office, as President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America.    Here’s some of the basics:

1) CITIZENSHIP IS NOT A RIGHT, IT IS A PRIVILEGE. We Must start by controlling the border. – Support the 10th Amendment and grow citizenship by reducing bureaucracy. Outsource finding fraudulent citizenship to the major credit card companies, as they do it better than the gov. can and it will encourage competition to ensure diligent work. NEWT IS NOT FOR AMNESTY. Anyone saying differently is distorting his comments about allowing for generations of law abiding citizens who are assets to the community, to stay and pay taxes. However, they will not be allowed to vote unless they go back to their homelands and apply for citizenship, just as those in line now have done. If they have been here 25 years or more, they are going to be a part of the “Selective Service” Model of WWII. This is the only model we know of that had communities making decisions on behalf of the feds in this type of “human” rights situation. It worked then, it could work now..its the best I’ve heard of for an actual solution. WE CANNOT march 11 million plus people back across the borders. It’s systematically ridiculous to think our resources can make that happen without civil unrest and a greater economic crash.

2) Immigration Policy Reform – NO TOLERANCE  for lawlessness and troublemakers like anyone caught up in MS13 Gangs, radical Islam pushing Sharia law, etc. He wants to make it easier for citizens to report those who need to be deported, while allowing for easier citizenship/Visas for real “talented” math, science and technology innovators so that they can immigrate and build business in the US instead of taking incentives from our enemies. He will bring back English the official language of the government and all schools.

3) Teach American History – Yes! Our future is predicted by the past. If we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat it.   At the rate we’re going, we are going to be a socialist country in no time. We must teach our children and those who are ignorant why we value our Amendments for a free society, the difference between a democracy and a republic and promote this in our schools, and especially to those who are applying for citizenship. – NEWT WILL ABOLISH THE FEDERAL REGULATIONS HOLDING BACK OUR STUDENTS AND GIVE THE RIGHTS BACK TO THE STATES ABOUT WHAT TO TEACH. This means we can stop teaching to the “required tests” that get the federal dollars and save tons of money by downsizing the DoE.

4) Abolish the Dept. of Energy and fix the EPA – Majority of our oil/ gasoline consumption will be produced in the US. It is possible and we can move oil rigs, fix the pipeline, start exporting, etc.  HE SAID HE WOULD ABOLISH THE Dept. of Energy, which is a huge cut that no on will miss!  Additionally, he will turn the EPA into the “ESA” (Environmental Solutions Agency) and recognized the problems that their regulations have in holding us back on our economic recovery.

5) Economic Reforms- can’t cut off China, etc. Must allow for easier business development and less tax code. 12% tax for corp. across the board. There’s more..but that’s a basic idea. He’s a realist…I agree. Can’t just cut off our current company lifelines without more economic fall out.   We must help the manufacturing infrastructure in Latin American allies which could provide for more work for those who choose to go back to their native homelands and wait for citizenship, as well as, increase new manufacturing inside our own country. Eliminating the complexities of contracting with local, state and federal gov. will assist in this endeavor.

6) Foreign Policy – No Tolerance for radical Islam or promotion of Islam! No tolerance of other countries that are allies of Iran. Regime change in countries of our lethal and real enemies. He did not mince meat about the level of evil we are seeing throughout the world.  CALL EVIL WHAT IT IS…EVIL and have NO TOLERANCE for it, wherever it appears. Current administration has NO Strategy for radical Islam expansion, rather seems they are promoting it!  Newt will make an “official strategy” based on the above premises.

7) Healthcare reform must start with litigation reform. – More “Big policy” won’t ever work.  Must be one step at a time and he sees litigation reform as the beginning of what has brought us to the end…which is the nightmare we call Obamacare.   Socialized medicine is never the answer and hasn’t worked for other countries either. They say it does, but more people die and commit suicide than in any other privatized system.

BY OCT. 1st – If elected, Newt will hand out 100-200 Executive Orders. Including the above changes, as allowable by his office. He will abolish the 40% of our current CZARS in admin. that Obama immediately put into office.
He will ensure that the SUPREME COURT will not be taken over with the last one vote that will abolish our 2nd Amendment rights, among others.

Remember, we create our future with the choices we make today.

“NO ONE MAN CAN CHANGE OUR COUNTRY”. What CAN be done is systematic change, one step at a time, by those who know how to get it done. This is where an experienced politician can make change, unlike a DC outsider.  If you’ve ever tried to contract in DC, you would understand why a “chemical shower” feels necessary when you are done.   A ‘newbie’ does NOT effect change in the way DC operates, always has and always will.  To say it “shouldn’t be like that” is nice…but very, very naive.~

I’ve personally decided that don’t want to listen to candidates who espouse “ideas” anymore…I listen for candidates who have “solutions”.   Those are ones who can give real, attainable steps to long term change with the realistic viewpoint about how to go about doing it in the “unrealistic” world that is called our capital….Washington, DC.

It’s time to make a choice between “realism or idealism” in the next election. 

Casting Call for Remake America

In this critical election year, a time of enormous challenge, we are putting citizens at the forefront by following the personal stories of real Americans.

From jobs to healthcare to taxes, we will capture the national debate over our biggest challenges by following the experiences of eight families who are striving to achieve the American Dream. By including the insight of experts and seasoned journalists, we will identify the new ideas which can provide solutions to these issues.

We want to hear your story. If you would like to join this effort, please apply at the link above.

“You shoot what? Tell me what do you do for work again?”

 Cause Marketing is the short answer……

 I’ve been asked by students when I do workshops, if there is a current “cause marketing campaign” I could recommend for building a market base, branding a product or service, inspiring customer loyalty and repeat sales?  YES!  Veterans, non profits and corporations partnering for a universally ‘feel good’ project and a marketing campaign with multiple strategies across the media board, is a “win-win-win”!

 What’s your lane? 

Most everyone I work with has their own business, book or product that they are willing to cross market in the right situations and with the right people, which makes for creative business and networking opportunities.  Each friend is a true patriot who has proven they are willing to stand up and serve our country in many ways, even with scrutiny for their beliefs…

How we roll!

Many are experts from the world of;  firearms, self-defense, law enforcement (LE), armed forces (AF) military special ops and most are combat veterans. We are not strangers to the shooting sports or entertainment world.  Several are actors, models, tech advisers and real training experts.

If you don’t like firearms?

Not everyone is comfortable with firearms, personally or in media exposure. That’s ok.  You don’t have to be a veteran, hunter, shooter or even like guns, to work with us – just a desire to support our nation.  However, we might attempt to change your mind…  Fair warning!

Trust you?

I am a ‘straight shooter’ so I’ll tell you like it is.  I can’t be all things to all people, but I can work with most anyone to find creative solutions and bring value to any project, when its the right fit.

This niche that has appeal to those who’s views are “middle to the right”  love shooting sports, firearms, our military, LE, Veterans and who appreciate the opinions of the same.

What am I looking for?  

Currently seeking advertising sponsors and clients who want to help forward shooting and firearms in a positive light. Looking for those willing to sponsor new tv shows, movies whose characters have actual values – “Middle to the Right” or conservative speakers and radio talk show hosts. Especially happy to build relationships with PR and marketing departments who are interested in new ideas for promotions, advertising and events to showcase their products and services.

What next? 

I am available for a free consultation. Let me help you figure out how to maximize your marketing budget to get the biggest reach, while you help others do the same!

My motto is: “Serving wounded warriors and those who serve them well.”

How I can help you do the same today?