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Dave Sevigny WINS U.S. IPSC Nationals.

GASTON J. GLOCK STYLE, Ltd.  sponsor of the SEVIGNY Performance Team and OMB Guns is proud  that  Dave Sevigny showed a strong  win at the US IPSC Nationals in Frostproof, Fl. this month.

Hosted by the Universal Shooting Academy, this national competition always brings out the best in the sport, including  Dave!  He beat some great shooters to win the Standard Division by more than 3%.

For those who are still learning about the outdoor and shooting sports world, you’re with me!  I learned that this Standard Division in IPSC is  basically like winning the Iron Sight Division of USPSA Limited.  Dave’s  final score was 1667.8517 and he felt good about the match.

We can look forward to more strong finishes for Dave and big thanks to GASTON J. GLOCKSTYLE, Ltd.  and OMB for supporting  this Super Star shooter         You guys were right on the mark!

Press Release: World Champion pistol competitor Dave Sevigny teams up with the All Veteran Parachute Team, Blue Emu and PBR for a wounded warrior Adventure Day to remember!

Press Release

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                  Contact: Jill Trammell
  • 3pm. EDT, May 8, 2012                     (239)273-4783


Multiple National & World Champion pistol competitor, Dave Sevigny & Team Sevigny Performance show their respect for wounded Warriors with a special day of one on one instruction, followed by skydiving with famous Golden knight, Mike Elliot and the All Veteran Parachute Team (AVPT).

Fayetteville, NC (April 2012) – World Champion pistol shooter and firearms instructor Dave Sevigny and Anna Brooke of Team Sevigny Performance, joined with PBR (Professional Bull Riders Association), their loyal sponsor Blue Emu and famous Army Golden Knight, Mike Elliot with his All Veteran Parachute Team, along with others to host a simulated “SOF Adventure Day” for wounded warriors and professional bull riders from PBR.

Dave and Brooke did their part coaching and teaching the group how to improve their marksmanship while representing Sevigny Performance and OMB Guns.  New techniques and tricks were learned while the crowd was given a “shock and awe” performance on steel targets by Dave Sevigny.  His lightning fast magazine changes, along with his stone cold accuracy on the targets left the crowd cheering and wanting more!  However, they had to move on to the next amazing treat, a tandem skydive with the famous Golden Knight, Mike Elliot and his All Veteran Parachute Team (AVPT).  The wounded warriors and PBR guests started in the wind tunnel and it was clear there was a sense of freedom from their wheelchairs and adaptive equipment that can’t be rivaled by any other experience! For many, especially the sponsors, this was one of the best parts of the day as you can’t put a price on the smiles given to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

Sevigny Performance regularly conducts LE and civilian firearm training courses. Brooke heads up the ladies team and adds a touch of class to every event, demonstrating her top notch pistol skills for the crowd and assisting Dave as he instructs. The two were able to provide an exclusive training with the new FNH FNS 9 striker-fire pistol which received rave reviews.

“At one point the three wounded warriors were in the wind tunnel with the instructors. Seeing them smile and embracing that moment was a once in a lifetime sight for Dave and I,” said Brooke, a competitive shooter and trainer for Sevigny Performance.    Dave says “ I highly respect these heroes and it was an honor to work with them.”

Patriot Promotions has teamed up with Sevigny Performance, Mike Elliot and the All Veteran Parachute Team, to plan for more Adventure Academy events, like the one you see here.   They will be hosting future veteran/wound warrior events that provide winning opportunities for wounded warriors and caregivers.

Companies should spend their marketing or charitable dollars to host their own Adventure Academy for teambuilding or cause marketing.   Seeing our combat wounded war fighters have the time of their life, makes this the most memorable way to spend your marketing dollars.

If you would like to become a sponsor of one of these events, please contact :

Jill Trammell of PATRIOT PROMOTIONS at 239-273-4783.

For more information about booking a Sevigny Performance LE and civilian training class:

please email Dave and Brooke at


Dave and Brooke of Sevigny Performance with Blue Emu, prepping for the warriors.

ESPN in background.

Following the demo, Dave ran the guests through a competition


Wounded war fighter in wind tunnel at


Wounded war fighter shooting on the range

Getting ready to jump with the All Veteran Parachute Team



Life is good! Flying through the air with famous Golden Knight, Mike Elliot!


Dave and Brooke of Sevigny Performance with the Adventure Academy Sponsors

“Joys of an open gun!” Dave Sevigny on HotShots

I can’t hold my tongue any longer…

NBC Sports was my hero for putting on a real shooting show and sponsoring the cash prize table at 3 Gun Championship.  However,  HotShots made a huge mistake by not including more content with Dave Sevigny!   What kinda crazy rumor  Kool-Aid were they drinking?  Sheesh!  I often wonder what happened to plain common sense and critical thinking skills.  Oh wait..were talking Hollywood.  Still…they usually throw that aside.  Its amazing what a whiff of lawsuit in the morning will make corporations do!   Thankfully, loyal fans of Dave… still have common sense and critical thinking skills.  They can count…one plus one equals two…not three or four!  Not sure about HotShots however.  The time slot sucks and I’m not thrilled with the profiles. For now, Sunday mornings at 9am… I’d rather be in church!

This clip is indicative of why he is…and continues to be a champion.   Class cussing…drama or out of  control behavior.  Rather just the opposite.  He’s cool…calm and collected under pressure making thoughtful decisions and then carrying on business as usual!   He stays focused on the game and NEVER distracted to the point of ruining the entire run by something totally out of his control.  His recovery  is great!  His just picks up and keeps going…never taking his eyes off the target.  OMB is lucky to have such a superstar in their line-up!

Dave is awesomeness on any stage and sets the bar high for competitive shooting.  Unfortunately, the days of glory for Team Glock are over now that he and everyone else…has left.  Wonder what that is all about?

Dave Sevigny with the FNH FNS-9

I just have to say that I’m very excited that our friend Dave is working with OMB, the largest civilian retailer of FNH products.  I personally love my FNH 5.7  and here you can see him shooting some additional AWESOMENESS with the FNS-9.   I think we will see many more LE depts. heading toward FNH products thanks to his great marketing skills!  Dave posted this video from Sevigny Performance for our viewing pleasure.  Check it out.


No invitation needed! First time shooters wanted to compete for cash prizes at the MidwayUSA &NRA’s Bianchi Cup.

Through the years, big names (like our friend Dave Sevigny) have helped make the Bianchi Cup a coveted invitational event for the best competitive shooters in the world.  What you might not have known, is that for the last three years MidwayUSA has graciously donanted $15,000 to fund the 1st Time Shooter Awards!

Yes, its true!  No invitation is needed to compete in the 1st Time Shooter match.  Even more exciting then telling your friends that you are competing in it, is the fact that you could come home with some cold hard CASH prizes!

1st Place – $2,500

2nd Place – $1,500

3rd Place – $700

Women, Junior & Men shooters who have never competed at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup now have some incentive to join us there! Thank you again to the Official Sponsor – MidwayUSA who gave a total sponsorship exceeding $65,000 in CASH!

For more information, email us at if you want to compete!


So, when people ask me if I’ve ever shot with Dave Sevigny, I have to say…YES!  In fact, I’m proud to say he pretty much taught me everything I know!  (Which doesn’t say much…No offense Dave!)  I’m a brand new shooter and this is exactly how he taught me.  I know it works because I’m accurate on paper, the guys at the range comment on my perfect grip, and I never seem to lose it, no matter how many rounds I fire off.  The recoil is significantly reduced and my bad wrist lasts longer than if I switch it up.  I never started with any bad habits, so now all I need to do before entering a competition, is more practice!    However, you won’t find me in a USPSA squad anytime soon.  I’ll be on the sidelines cheering on my friends and working to bring a bigger prize table and media to the events. When the prize table is up to $50,000 like 3Gun….I’ll be ready to load!  🙂  Looking forward to this series, although no matter how many secrets Dave gives away through this series…it takes a ton of dedication, skill and practice to be the best!

Tips from a world-class competitive shooter to improve your shooting prowess!


Whether shooting two-handed or one-handed, specific considerations in regards to form must be made. Repetitive practice of these shooting forms is essential for the development of strong shooting skills.

“Want to shooter faster and better? There is a reason why the best handgunners in the world use a thumbs-forward grip. This technique gives the operator balanced contact on the pistol grip and improves recoil control with predictable sight tracking. I learned early in my shooting career that gripping higher with the support-hand wrist rolled forward provides more control than any other method.”

Here is an example of a correct grip. The thumbs are forward, the hands are together and they have a 360 degree hold on the pistol.

“Position the web of your firing hand high along the backstrap leaving no space between the top of your hand and the beavertail. The middle finger should be firmly pressed along the bottom of the triggerguard with all fingers touching one another. Keep your thumb straight and on top of the manual safety if your pistol has one. The pistol slide should be oriented in line with your forearm.

With the support hand, keep all four fingers together as you contact the bottom of the triggerguard. The heel of the support hand should mate with the bottom of the firing-hand thumb. Keep the thumbs pointed forward and contact all sides of the pistol. Again, this thumbs-forward wrist locking action will help sight recovery between shots. It is simple to reacquire this grip when the support hand is on and off the pistol during magazine changes or other tasks requiring use of the non-firing hand.”

Establishing a solid, wide base combined with keeping your shoulders slightly forward will help to keep your accuracy consistent.

“You shoot what? Tell me what do you do for work again?”

 Cause Marketing is the short answer……

 I’ve been asked by students when I do workshops, if there is a current “cause marketing campaign” I could recommend for building a market base, branding a product or service, inspiring customer loyalty and repeat sales?  YES!  Veterans, non profits and corporations partnering for a universally ‘feel good’ project and a marketing campaign with multiple strategies across the media board, is a “win-win-win”!

 What’s your lane? 

Most everyone I work with has their own business, book or product that they are willing to cross market in the right situations and with the right people, which makes for creative business and networking opportunities.  Each friend is a true patriot who has proven they are willing to stand up and serve our country in many ways, even with scrutiny for their beliefs…

How we roll!

Many are experts from the world of;  firearms, self-defense, law enforcement (LE), armed forces (AF) military special ops and most are combat veterans. We are not strangers to the shooting sports or entertainment world.  Several are actors, models, tech advisers and real training experts.

If you don’t like firearms?

Not everyone is comfortable with firearms, personally or in media exposure. That’s ok.  You don’t have to be a veteran, hunter, shooter or even like guns, to work with us – just a desire to support our nation.  However, we might attempt to change your mind…  Fair warning!

Trust you?

I am a ‘straight shooter’ so I’ll tell you like it is.  I can’t be all things to all people, but I can work with most anyone to find creative solutions and bring value to any project, when its the right fit.

This niche that has appeal to those who’s views are “middle to the right”  love shooting sports, firearms, our military, LE, Veterans and who appreciate the opinions of the same.

What am I looking for?  

Currently seeking advertising sponsors and clients who want to help forward shooting and firearms in a positive light. Looking for those willing to sponsor new tv shows, movies whose characters have actual values – “Middle to the Right” or conservative speakers and radio talk show hosts. Especially happy to build relationships with PR and marketing departments who are interested in new ideas for promotions, advertising and events to showcase their products and services.

What next? 

I am available for a free consultation. Let me help you figure out how to maximize your marketing budget to get the biggest reach, while you help others do the same!

My motto is: “Serving wounded warriors and those who serve them well.”

How I can help you do the same today?