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2A supporters dumping Microsoft 365, One Drive, Outlook, and more!

Thank you to writer, Steve Johnson for evaluating all policies and giving us a heads up on the Microsoft products which I will be cancelling as of this moment!

Since 2009 Microsoft’s Code of Conduct has been applied to more and more of their online service. If a service is covered by this Code of Conduct, users of it are prohibited from using it in  “any way that promotes or facilitates the sale of ammunition and firearms” (See bullet point #13).

Almost all of Microsoft’s online services are by now covered under this “Code of Conduct”. These services include Windows Live, Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint,,, Windows OneDrive, Exchange Online, MSN and a number of other services.

The only major Microsoft services this does not apply to is, at the time of this blog post, Skype, Microsoft Azure and XBox Live. I expect Skype will eventually fall under the Code of Conduct.

Windows OneDrive, formally known as Microsoft SkyDrive, is built into Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 for Phones and Windows 8 for Tablets. If you work in the gun industry you should avoid these products. You could wake up one morning to find your account terminated and all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. deleted.

Windows Live powers a number of Microsoft services including Microsoft’s cloud email and cloud Office suite. Windows Live, and Exchange Online power many large institutions including colleges and high schools. Don’t use any Microsoft-hosted email systems to buy or sell guns, unless you are willing to risk getting kicked out of college (especially if you have signed documents agreeing to abide by Microsofts Terms of Use)

If you use Microsoft Office in your gun business, make sure you do not use the Office 365 service to share business-related files.

Here at TFB the only Microsoft service we use is Skype. If Microsoft bans gun-related business over Skype, we will most likely switch to Google Hangouts.

It is sad to think that the Gun Club @ Microsoft was once a relatively large club. Point and Click no more

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Now Booking Red Jacket Firearms, the stars of Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns”

SOG final flyer
Contact Jill to book an appearance from the favorite firearms family on TV.
Support the 2nd Amendment and women in firearms trade and manufacturing.

Friends and Patriots give thumbs up to Patriot Promotions Event during week at SHOT Show 2013

Boone Gary and Trey

Press Release: Shooting with SOF event, May 12, 2012 Tampa, Fl.

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     Contact: Jill Trammell May 7, 2012                                                               (239)273-4783

Veteran & Community news – On the heels of the anniversary of the takedown of Osama bin laden, there will be a shooting event. “Shooting with SOF” – Special forces legends and local celebrities team up with a grateful community to provide a day of high intensity shooting matches and special adaptive shooting devices that allow our severely disabled wounded veterans the ability to participate

Date: May 12, 2012

Time:  11am – 6pm

Location: Bad Monkey (1717 E 7th Ave) in Ybor City and top notch range facility.


Shooting with S-O-F (Special Operation forces) community fusion and charity event was organized by Scott Neil- a recently retired senior enlisted advisor to USSOCOM and counter terrorism training subject matter expert. Scott literally helped write the Army’s current weapons training standards utilized by our modern military. The event will benefit; Green Beret Foundation and two local Tampa veterans charities, the TAMCO Foundation and the Black Dagger military Hunting Club in order to raise funds for their programs that assist in integration of combat wounded OIF/OEF warriors.

(Tampa, FL)   The Shooting with SOF shooting event will be held Saturday May 12th from 11am to 6pm.  The event will kickoff at retired Major General Dave Scott’s new establishment, the Bad Monkey in Ybor City. The Bad Monkey is a former Navy SEAL call sign and is a Special Operations themed establishment. The participants will be transported to an exclusive shooting range where they will compete and have fun shooting exotic weapons. The exciting range matches will showcase Special Operations Forces (SOF) legends, such as Scott Neil and friends, as well as, other well known patriots who have served their nation in Iraq, Afghanistan and other global operations.

These Green Berets, SEALS, U.S. Army Rangers and Special Operation Marines will be teamed with local businesses, celebrities, and community leaders in a high intensity competitive shooting match, using special weapons and tactics.  A special pre party with early arrivals will be held at the regularly scheduled “Cars and Cigars” event at ELDER JAGUAR.  Local high performance vehicle dealers gather with Special Forces Motorcycle Club to view their newest custom bike and sidecar, along with the best cars our community has to offer.

Of special interest is the firing range dedicated for severely injured and disabled veterans assisted by special adaptive shooting technology provided by Be Adaptives, which can assist disabled war fighters… even quad amputees, to perform the shooting skills they previously enjoyed.  This type of “shooting sports re-integration” provides our wounded heroes with camaraderie from a grateful community and is a unique feature of this dynamic shooting event.

The entire day is made possible through the generous support of sponsors such as General Dynamics, Elder Automotive Group, as well as corporations involved in adaptive sports technology, special operations support, and patriotic business leaders.

Following the event and mission debrief, scoring and additional fundraising functions will be enjoyed to include a silent auction with a variety of products and services, including National and International simulated Special Operation adventures for purchase.  Festivities will continue at the Bad Monkey, which will be open to the public immediately following the post event mission debrief.

Please contact Jill Trammell of Patriot Promotions at (239)-273-4783 to arrange for exclusive interviews and video coverage.

Pictures for distribution:  Logo

Special Forces Motorcycle Club Custom Bike and Sidecar at Elder Jaguar Thursday night at 6pm for the regular “Cars and Cigars” event with local high performance vehicle dealers and early arrivals for the SOF shooting match.

National and International simulated SOF Adventures at Auction by: Patriot Promotions and the All Veteran Parachute Team led by  Mike Elliot, Former Golden Knight and skydiving legend with over 9000 jumps!


Wounded Warrior doing what he loved to do before his injuries.  Special adaptive equipment will be provided at the range for their enjoyment.

“Joys of an open gun!” Dave Sevigny on HotShots

I can’t hold my tongue any longer…

NBC Sports was my hero for putting on a real shooting show and sponsoring the cash prize table at 3 Gun Championship.  However,  HotShots made a huge mistake by not including more content with Dave Sevigny!   What kinda crazy rumor  Kool-Aid were they drinking?  Sheesh!  I often wonder what happened to plain common sense and critical thinking skills.  Oh wait..were talking Hollywood.  Still…they usually throw that aside.  Its amazing what a whiff of lawsuit in the morning will make corporations do!   Thankfully, loyal fans of Dave… still have common sense and critical thinking skills.  They can count…one plus one equals two…not three or four!  Not sure about HotShots however.  The time slot sucks and I’m not thrilled with the profiles. For now, Sunday mornings at 9am… I’d rather be in church!

This clip is indicative of why he is…and continues to be a champion.   Class cussing…drama or out of  control behavior.  Rather just the opposite.  He’s cool…calm and collected under pressure making thoughtful decisions and then carrying on business as usual!   He stays focused on the game and NEVER distracted to the point of ruining the entire run by something totally out of his control.  His recovery  is great!  His just picks up and keeps going…never taking his eyes off the target.  OMB is lucky to have such a superstar in their line-up!

Dave is awesomeness on any stage and sets the bar high for competitive shooting.  Unfortunately, the days of glory for Team Glock are over now that he and everyone else…has left.  Wonder what that is all about?


FNH’s TOM THACKER Wins the 3 Gun competition in Vegas with the biggest payout ever in competitive shooting sports history!  Mark Hanish gave it a good run, coming in 2nd. Wished it would have been my friend Taran Butler, cause he’d be really deserving too. We know he could spend that dough!  Regardless of the match winner, the important thing is that like George and Weezy…we’re moving on up!

Working with Dave Sevigny, I have witnessed the real deal in action!  Let’s face it…its not easy being a professional shooting sports competitor.  Whether its 3Gun,  USPSA, IDPA or any others, it takes determination, discipline, focus and consistency.  Not to mention…its damn expensive!  Posers want more product as prize.  The real deal shooters don’t need anymore product…. they need some greenbacks!

FINALLY… Leupold Tactical Optics and NBC Sports has delivered a prize package that will give proper appreciation to the competitors and the attention  to the sport that it deserves!  I’m against re-inventing the wheel (as I always say to non profits) but this holds true even in media…so here is the good word from the other awesome match sponsors…Ammoland!  (Special shout out to Leupold  for their support of the Warrior Appreciation Event at Shot Show, as well!)

Now lets bring the same to USPSA people!  I know Phil Strader is ready to BRING IT on in his first term as President!  I’m doing whatever I can to help.  How about you?!