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             Shooting Sports News – Jack Suber announces his run for USPSA President 2016

Columbia, SC. (4/2014) – Jack Suber is announcing his run for the 2016 USPSA Presidential position. Jack was introduced to practical shooting when he was 18 years old by Leon Febres Cordero, the President of Ecuador and family friend.  Since then, he has competed in USPSA Nationals and many regional and area matches, as well as, World Shoot XIV and Ecuadorean Open Tournaments.  Jack is a lifetime member of the NRA, an NRA instructor and RO since 1999. He progressed to CRO, staffing many major matches since 2009.  From 2000 -2011, he served as the South Carolina Section Coordinator and led the effort to organize the first SC Steel Challenge and continues to serve as the Match Director.  He was also the Match Director for 3 Section Championships and two U.S. IPSC Nationals and is co-directing the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club’s monthly USPSA matches.  Notably, in 2001, Jack created the Tim Daugherty “Toys for Tots” Charity Action Pistol Match and has served as the Match Director for the 11 of 12 matches to date. Each year the popularity of this match increases and it is the USMC Reserve’s largest one day event fundraiser in South Carolina.  During his time in USPSA, he has been active in recruiting new shooters to the sport and to the organization, especially women.  His desire has been to represent USPSA in a positive light to the media and the public, while increasing new membership.

Jack is no stranger to the unique needs of women and junior shooters in USPSA, having his own son participating in at an early age and advancing him as an RO.  He will continue to provide focus and direction for families and especially on new female membership. NSSF and others agree that women are the fastest growing segment of new gun ownership.  Helen Pfeiffer, USPSA member, competitive shooter and WOMA member, says;

“Jack is a great supporter of women and junior shooters. He is welcoming to everyone, offering encouragement, support and help. He treats us all equally with respect on the range.  I’ve seen this first hand and couldn’t have more respect and regard for him in return. It is refreshing to see more women are entering USPSA shootings sports and at his home club, Jack has strong female representation, which he has help to build.  Since he introduced his son to practical shooting sports, he is also very in tune with the family USPSA experience. He is attentive to making match schedules friendly for juniors and their school schedules. Jack is definitely the choice for bringing USPSA to the next level for the entire family.  He has my full support!”

Jack’s professional and shooting career has no conflicts with serving as the next USPSA President.  He currently works in government at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as the Program Adviser/ Senior Financial Analyst in Community Planning and Development (GS-14).  In this capacity, he has gained considerable experience in budgeting, finance and strategic planning and must work diplomatically with government officials and experts in his field.  He is also the owner of two small businesses and is an international arms consultant who speaks fluent Spanish.  His management and leadership skills, along with his knowledge of the shooting sports and firearms industry, will serve the organization well. “Being President of USPSA has been my dream since joining in 1995. I believe the experience as a dedicated volunteer of USPSA since then, has allowed me to gain the understanding of the various needs of members, sponsors and range officers. Additionally, it has given me the insight to understand the barriers to success in such a membership organization.  I believe the next President of USPSA must focus on the business of USPSA, increasing our participating membership and leading the organization to utilize its budget in ways to grow the organization and bring a positive light to our sport.”


For more information and developing campaign platform, please connect with Jack on his website:

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