Mandy Harvey – Jazz Vocalist


“Feeling the music” has a whole new meaning, after you meet Mandy Harvey!

Mandy Harvey is a jazz singer. She was slightly hard of hearing throughout her life and has a history of ear infections and surgeries. While studying vocal music education at Colorado University, a nerve damage made her completely deaf within a year. She sank into depression and had to drop out of school. She dreamed of performing and didn’t think she could sing again until she decided to record herself singing for her boyfriend. Her father listened to her recording and realized she could still sing.

She took up singing lessons again from her old singing teacher and found that she could sing in perfect pitch. Although she can’t hear her own voice, she is able to stay in tune by singing by the memory of notes, sight reading and sensation. She says, “Well, you get different vibrations, like the deeper ones hit in a different spot and they are thicker. And then lighter ones you can feel up higher and they kind of tingle.”

She currently released 2 CD’s and performs around the USA. Harvey says, “I don’t want to be famous, I want to be a person who gives people hope,”

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