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Lock-N-Load Radio is growing! Move with us at a special advertising rate!

GOA Radio Guests & Sponsors
GOA Radio Guests & Sponsors

We’re Moving !  Genesis Communication Network – Channel 5 

 Start Date:  August 11th 2014

Time Slot: 8am-10am CST, 7am-9am Pacific, 9am bv-11am EST.

Show Description:  The ONLY Monday – Friday, drive time radio show that is “all things gun related” is moving to a much bigger network and looking for a new advertisers, title and segment sponsors!

With over 100 million gun owners in the US today, LockNLoad has something for everyone. We cover all spectrums of  the world of firearms, including the gun industry, emerging trends, self defense and commentary on the news that  would strip away your  2A rights.   With guests such as the 3D Gun Guru Cody Wilson, Gun Owners of America Exec. Dir. Larry Pratt, Noble Peace Prize Nominee, Dr Jim Garrow, Tactical Training Guru Chris Costa, Psychologist Dr Linda Lagemann and many others, we explore the dynamics of the uniquely American 2nd Amendment and everything that goes along with it!

LockNLoad is your daily dose of blunt truth designed to counter the Mainstream MisInformation Machine!

Known for the last two years as Gun Owners of America program, “Lock-n-Load” is moving to a bigger broadcasting network and will be the opening show before their #1  ‘Alex Jones’ show.   This is a great move for “Lock-n-Load”, as the affiliate list will be expanding rapidly and the advertising rates are planned to skyrocket when both are sold by their inside sales team.  Additionally, I will be co-hosting the segment on “Women and Guns” to reach the growing female gun owner market.

Network Info: GCN has established a very large and loyal following that continues to grow each day. Large companies and small businesses alike benefit from advertising, promoting products, newsletters, and public service announcements. Your Business Will Be Seen And Heard:

500+ AM and FM Affiliate Stations

Globally on Shortwave Radio

XM Satellite Radio

Internet listening options, including:  Live Via Telephone: (605)-562-7700

  • Live internet streams
  • On Demand
  • Program archives
  • Podcast
  • iPhone App via Apple iTunes
  • Android App via Google Android Market

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?    All advertisers that sign on now will be grandfathered in at their current rates. If you have ever wanted to hear your company’s name as the “Studio” which “Lock-n-Load” is broadcasting from…now is your chance!

30 sec Ad spots sell for $75 each with a minimum commitment of one month = $300.

Segment Sponsors will get professional Ads by Eric Rogers,  the voice of “Shark Week” and many other programs.  Ads will run daily on each hour of the show,  as well as,  mentions on each intro and out take, approx. 4x per show and sell for $4,500 for three months – half off the network rate cards.

Title Sponsor is $25,000 for one full year! This is over $10,000 in savings over new rate cards.  They will have their logo on all things “Lock-N-Load”, including the studio name,  professional VO for all Ads,  which will run 8x per show with intro’s and out takes x4, along with  collaboration rights for interviews, product reviews and on-air support for their business goals.

Contact me today for these discounted rates through Aug. 11th!


BUY AMMO HERE! Help Patriot Promotions assist veteran charities at no cost!

Eagle WORD

Over the years, I’ve been involved with many efforts to assist veteran charities with free consulting, networking. PR and booking of talented patriots or celebrities. While I LOVE to do this whenever I can… My new motto has had to become “I’m all out of free. ” However, that doesn’t mean I can’t help, I just need funding to do it! There is usually travel involved as well as my free time and the folks I want to support, need their money to help veterans. So, here’s the plan….

Partnering with friends and patriots in the Ammo business, I will use any profits I make on sales to continue to help worthy boots on the ground…for free. Buy Ammo from me and you will literally be helping charities procure sponsors for events, find people to support it and assist with services they can’t afford to buy. You will have the assurance that I only work with those who have proven they do what they say they are going to do and have put their own money behind their events.


Event Date: November 11, 2013 INSPIRATION RX for WINGS of INSPIRATION

Veteran/Founder, Mike Semanoff

Lake Elsinore, CA. – Providing skydiving adventure to lift their wings! 10+ combat wounded with disabilities that require tandem assistance. Lee Ann Rimes is confirmed celebrity host. EXTRA and Mario Lopez is the media partner. Great Press Opp! SPONSORS NEEDED!

300,000 RDS. AVAILABLE / 1000 RDS PER BOX (9mm selling out..Order NOW)

Remington 9mm 124gr. FMJ 1-5 boxes: $350 each 6-10 boxes: $340 each 10+boxes: $330 each

Remington .45 ACP 230gr FMJ 1-5boxes: $510 each 6-10 boxes: $490 each 10+boxes: $460 each

Remington .223 55gr FMJ 1-5 boxes: $419 6-10 boxes: $ 410 each 10+boxes: $399 each

Please use this form to order and we will get back to you with full shipping cost and order confirmation.

Don’t forget your Shipping Address and Zip Code, if you just want a quote on super large quantities! 9mm going fast!

Two amazing VALUES for advertising budgets! Minimum of 100 million anticipated TV viewers!

Two fighters grappling in a mixed martial arts...
Two fighters grappling in a mixed martial arts event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have an advertising budget between $5,000 and $50,000…DO NOT MISS THIS!

This is not a charitable endeavor…this is the real deal that would cost you MEGA BUCKS through a media buying agency.

I’ve got two (2) TV PRODUCTION advertising opportunities with anticipated minimum viewership of of 100 million people and the chance to be a part of history!

One is in the MMA market which is a perfect cross over for the firearms and accessories industry.

The other is for a historical documentary that will be highly anticipated, as there is already an unfinished documentary of the same subject being replayed often.  A competing network with the same type of show has over 15 million viewers per week, on the subject matter!

Give me a call if you understand VALUE for your advertising budget!

NDA’s are needed for more information.  Call Jill at 239-273-4783

Booking Appearances for “SONS OF GUNS” on Discovery Channel

Red Jacket Product Development
Red Jacket Product Development


Patriot Promotions is  booking appearances for Red Jacket Firearms April through December 2015

Bring America’s favorite firearms business to your range, trade show  event or fundraiser.

Saturday dates are filling up quickly.  Call Jill for prices and to reserve your date!

Now Booking Red Jacket Firearms, the stars of Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns”

SOG final flyer
Contact Jill to book an appearance from the favorite firearms family on TV.
Support the 2nd Amendment and women in firearms trade and manufacturing.